MMTCTA Scholarships


The Maine Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association was organized in the early
1960’s with one purpose being to “improve the education and training of appointed and
elected tax collectors and treasurers and their assistants”. In keeping with this purpose
and mission, the MMTCTA Board of Directors offers scholarships for members in good
standing to attend one of the association’s core seminars or basic courses. The applicant
will be eligible for a full scholarship that includes the cost of the tuition, mileage, and
lodging for the recipient.

Scholarship Goal

The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide financial assistance to
members who cannot procure financial assistance from their communities to attend the
MMTCTA Annual Conference or core seminars and basic courses. The Board of
Directors will give first preference to attendance of the MMTCTA Annual Conference.
The Board of Directors is committed to promoting further educational opportunities for
its members.

Application Criteria

Any current member in good standing of the MMTCTA may apply. Applications
must be submitted by March 1st of each year for the upcoming seminars for that calendar
year. All applications must be submitted to the MMTCTA, 60 Community Drive,
Augusta, ME 04330. Faxed or emailed applications will also be accepted. The
application must include: (1) the application form; (2) a letter from the applicant’s
supervisor explaining that the municipality does not have funds to pay the tuition and
why; (3) and a letter from the applicant explaining why the scholarship should be given
to the applicant and how the assistance will help the applicant in the future.

Scholarships will be limited to one seminar or course per year per applicant. A
limited number of scholarships will be available each year and scholarships will be given
out based on the selection criteria until the funds have been depleted.

Selection Criteria

The Scholarship Selection Committee shall choose recipients based on the
following criteria:

  1. Applicant has submitted the application by the deadline.
  2. Applicant is a member in good standing of the MMTCTA. Maine Tax Collectors and Treasurers Assoc 2008
  3. Applicant can provide proof of their municipality’s inability to pay for the
  4. Applicant has provided sufficient evidence that this scholarship will be
    used to advance the overall mission of the association.

Notification of Award

The MMTCTA Board of Directors will notify scholarship recipients within two
weeks of the start of the annual conference, seminar or course. The scholarship award
letter may be used by the applicant as proof of payment at time of registration for the

Scholarship Information