Any active member interested in being considered by the Professional Development Committee to serve as an instructor of a MMTCTA sponsored workshop must meet the following criteria and procedures:

  • Be a member of MMTCTA
  • Be certified under the MMTCTA Certification Program
  • Serve as a student instructor under a MMTCTA experienced instructor for a minimum of 1 workshop for each course he/she would like to instruct.
  • Receive a recommendation from the experienced instructor whom he/she has taught with stating that the student instructor is ready to instruct a workshop on his/her own. (This will include a review of evaluation forms.)
  • Receive final approval from the MMTCTA Executive Committee to instruct a workshop on their own.

SPECIAL CONDITION: The MMTCTA Executive Committee reserves the right to waive the above list of criteria/procedures for new instructors, if by a unanimous vote of the MMTCTA Executive Committee, an instructor is approved to instruct a MMTCTA sponsored workshop based on prior education, work experience, recommendations, and teaching experience; all deemed necessary to be in accordance with the MMTCTA workshop standards.

NOTE: Student instructors will be reimbursed for expenses, but will not be eligible for an honorarium until they are an approved Instructor.

Download the MMTCTA Instructor Application