Course and Annual Conference Attendance Policy – January 2013

General Guidelines

  • Attendance at MMTCTA classes and the annual conference are a requirement of
    receiving certification in your MMTCTA specialty.
  • MMTCTA members must always abide by the Association’s most current Standard of Ethics.

Policy On Attendance

  • In order to receive credit or a certificate of attendance at any course or at the
    MMTCTA annual conference participants are required to be in the classroom or
    meeting room for the entire duration of the class or conference except for
    scheduled breaks.
  • Certificates will be handed out at after the class/conference and will not be
  • If you do not pick up the certificate after the class or conference, you will not
    receive credit for attending.
  • Attendees who must leave early for emergency situations must make contact with
    the instructor or the MMA liason.

    • Failure to do so will result in no credit for attending.
    • The Professional Development Committee will make a determination as to
      whether a sufficient portion of the course or conference was completed to
      warrant certification credit.