Executive Board

Executive Board 2018 – 2019 Full List (.pdf)


Rhonda Stark
Town of Saint Albans
7 Water Street
Saint Albans, ME 04971
Phone: 938-4568
Fax: 938-3413
Email: manager@townofstalbans.net

Vice President

Kathleen Cutler
City of Gardiner
6 Church St.
Gardiner, ME 04971
Phone: 582-2223
Fax: 582-6895
Email: kcutler@gardinermaine.com

Administrative Asst/Secretary/ Treasurer

Gilberte Mayo
Town of Greenbush
PO Box 230
Greenbush, ME 04418
Phone: 826-2050
Fax: 826-2190
Email: greenbush.tax@myottmail.com

2018 Board Meeting Schedule

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